2017 new deisgn Oil - electric hybrid CNC press brake SHWC-100/2600 with S530 controller

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1. Main parameter Bending length:2600mm Column distance:2200mm Slide stroke:250mm shut height:520mm Throat depth:450mm Slide speed Down speed :200mm/s Pressing speed:15mm /s Return speed:200mm /s Main motor:2X5.5KW (sevro motor) outsize:3000x1750x2750mm weight:7500kg 2.Product information: 1).the machine adopts Europe imported ATOS electro-hydraulic proporrional vale to control synchronization. With good synchronization precision , fast response speed,strong anti-biasing ability. 2). the machine frame is welded with whole steel plate, the appearance is decent and standard, it has enough strength and rigidity 3)double nuisance mechanism – the upper slide equipped with oblique woven type compensation, the lower workatble is equipped with motor compensation. can effectively compensate the slider and the workbench's immunity, truly realize no blind area compensation, to ensure the accuracy of bending machine. 4).there will be one set punch and die installed on the machine for free.(we also can design according to customer’s actual need , and you can supply me your own drawing) 5).The punch replacement is equipped with manual quick changing clamping device, changing mould safety, accurate positioning and clamping stability. 6).control axis (3+1) Y1、Y2 axis——slide move up and down(use electro-hydraulic servo valve) X axis——backguage move frontward and backward(use servo motor) R axis——backguage move frontward and backward(use servo motor, this is optional axis) W axis——worktable bump 3.BiD-SVP system Use BiD-SVP system , Servo motor drives forward and backward fixed displacement pump. Besides The hydraulic power transfer transforms the mechanical energy into the kinetic energy of the hydraulic medium, the system also can let the cylinder speed controlled by pump size and the speed of the servo motor. With the help of displacement sensor, the speed and position of cylinder piston can be accurately controlled according to the required working cycle time sequence diagram. 1).Save electricity, Compared with the traditional transmission device, the electricity consumption is 70% 2).high working effective, can improve 30%(Reduced cycle time) 3).high accuracy, Accurate positioning accuracy, can reach 5um. 4).The noise is reduced and the machine is quieter 5).save oil, Hydraulic fluid use is very small, only for the traditional 20 % 6).Machine tools are easier to make, easier to maintain, and easier to debug 4.List of Key components 1)Electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve assembly: ATOS,Italy 2)controller: S530, Italy 3)Servo driver and motor: Tuke nanjing ,China 4)High pressure filter: Hordek, Germany 5)Oil pump: Eikole,Germany 6)Ball screw ,Linear guide: HIWIN Taiwan 7)Air switch: Siemens or schneider 8)Ac contactor: Siemens or schneider 9)Thermal relay: Siemens or schneider 10)Intermediate relay:OMRON JAPAN 11)Synchronous control block assembly:ATOS, Itlay 12)Pressure reducing valve block and pump control block: BOSCH-REXROTH 13)Raster ruler: GV or OPKON 14)seals: PARKEER,USA or NOK,Japan 15)The oil tubing connector: JS Germany 16)slider switch: schneider 17)Main motor: siemens

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